Mary Fahl Latest Release Reviewed in Germany

ALBUM REVIEW: GERMANY Mary Fahl / Can’t Get It Out Of My Head – CD-Review By Markus Kerren | SEP. 11, 2022 TRANSLATED: If you look at the development of the last few years, it seems to be becoming more and more popular to release cover albums. The question of the motive arises again and again for […]

Boston Herald Album Review

ALBUM REVIEW Mary Fahl brings haunting roots-rock, ELO love to City Winery By BRETT MILANO Vocalist Mary Fahl has a confession to make… Read Full Article

Roots Music Report Gives Mary Fahl’s Latest Release 5 Stars

ALBUM REVIEW Roots Music Report 5 Star Album Review by Robert Silverstein   Highlights are plentiful… Mary’s voice is perfectly suited to these rock standards… Mark Doyle’s guitar / keyboard work is beyond reproach… Sound is excellent as is the CD cover art and booklet… Read Full Article

Mary Fahl Album Reviewed in Canada on

DME.NET CANADA MARY FAHL – Can’t Get It Out Of My Head By Rimar   …her more subtle approach results in owning covers, first and foremost British selections, in a different way, although she’s opted for alchemy on the acoustically driven titular opener, the early ELO hit, that the American performer infuses with magnificent ethereality, […]

Michael Doherty Reviews Can’t Get It Out of My Head

Mary Fahl: “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” (2022) CD Review Review by Michael Doherty Singer and songwriter Mary Fahl turns to the work of other artists on her new album, Can’t Get It Out Of My Head. She chooses songs from her formative years, songs that played an important role in her youth. …. Read […]

Mary Fahl Reinvents Iconic and Obscure Art-Rock and 70s Songs

NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY Mary Fahl Reinvents Iconic and Obscure Art-Rock and 70s Songs By Delarue Like so many people around the world over the past year, singer Mary Fahl was dealing with the loss of two of her family members – her mom, and also her sister. To cope, the former October Project frontwoman immersed herself […]

Music Street Journal Album Review Mary Fahl

Read Music Street Journal’s Album & Song Review by Gary Hill   Mary Fahl Can’t Get It Out Of My Head Review by Gary Hill I suppose this could fall under non-prog as folk rock. I would say that there is enough progressive rock here, to land it where I have, though. Mary Fahl previously […]

An Audiophile’s Guilty Pleasure – Sphere Music Review

  Can’t Get It Out Of My Head By Mary Fahl Is An Audiophile’s Guilty Pleasure By mrbaxteria2008   Yes, I admit I listen to streaming music because it is convenient and mobile. I am one of those guys who play music on a Bluetooth speaker (at decent levels) while riding a bicycle. But when […]

Hi-Res Edition Reviews 5.1 Surround Deluxe Edition “Can’t Get It Out of My Head”

Mary Fahl – Can’t Get it Out of My Head – 5.1 Blu-ray surround review Written by Wesley Derbyshire    Published: 22 July 2022 “…plenty of distinct and brilliant creative differences that make this collection a precious listen…” ~Wesley Derbyshire, HiRes Edition “High resolution audiophiles will be delighted to know that this album is available as […]